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Why Veterinary Teams Need Unicorns

Now, more than ever, we need all the unicorns we can find

Why Do We Need Unicorns?

“We need that rare, magical unicorn to make our jobs a little easier.”

I was a child of the 80s with bright colors, leg warmers, big hair, jelly bracelets and yes, unicorns. Unicorns were everywhere and to me they were simply awesome. I had unicorn figurines, watched The Last Unicorn movie over and over and looked hard into every forest for a sign of one. While the unicorn phenom disappeared in the 90s and early 2000s, I am happy to report that unicorns are back! Now in the year 2020 you can buy and enjoy unicorn poop and unicorn frappes. Unicorns are in almost every store and are back at the top of being a cultural icon. I am thrilled.

The word unicorn has grown with the magical, mythical creature itself. According the Merriam-Webster dictionary, one definition is, “something unusual, rare, or unique.” Generally this rare and unique phenomenon is associated with happiness, prosperity and pleasure.

I have often told veterinary teams to Be A Unicorn or Find the Unicorns throughout the day. More, now than ever, we need to focus our intention on just that. You may have spotted a unicorn today and not even recognized it. It may be a coworker in your hospital, client or pet that brings you some small unexpected joy, relief, laughter, or happiness at a time you needed it the most and were not expecting it.

What A Unicorn Looks Like

The 150 pound dog just kicked your butt.

You just spent 30 minutes working with 150 pound dog who did not want it’s blood drawn and fought you every step of the way. You are exhausted. It kicked your butt. Your next patient is an adorable shy boxer puppy who greets you nervously with a kiss right on your face and gives you a butt wiggle. What a fantastic unicorn moment.

Perhaps you are a doctor who has been stuck late at work typing up countless records with no end in sight. You have missed seeing your children to bed. You have missed dinner. You are frustrated and exhausted. Then a client service representative from the front office walks by and puts a candy bar in front of you. She was your unicorn.

You may be the exhausted practice manager who just spent the entire day listening to countless client complaints. The screaming at you never stopped. You have stayed two hours late and have one more call to make. The last client you call turns out to be so nice and she says, “You and your entire team are my heroes.” That client was your unicorn.

Now FInd Your Unicorns

When we have those moments happen to us it’s important to savor every minute. Be joyful, appreciative and happy that you got to see a unicorn. It was amazing and likely provided you the very relief you needed in that moment.

We also have the ability to all be unicorns. Especially now, in this year of 2020 that never seems to end, we need to be the very best unicorns we can be to each other. We need to be kind, compassionate and helpful to those on our teams and in our lives. To be a unicorn is about performing little acts of kindness to those who need it the most.

I challenge all of you to find the unicorns throughout the day. Embrace them.

I then challenge you to be a unicorn. #BeAUnicorn

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