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We Find Unicorns

The veterinary team is the key component to any successful veterinary hospital. 

How do we create healthier, happier and even smarter teams?

Veterinary Team Training is about developing teams through practical real world techniques and training.


Finding unicorns is what we are about.

What's a unicorn?  Click               to find out why we keep talking about them.

Meet the team below.


The Team of One

Amy Newfield, MS, CVT, VTS (ECC)

Amy has a master's degree in leadership and management and boasts over 20 years in the veterinary profession working as a credentialed veterinary technician. She earned her Veterinary Technician Speciality credentials in Emergency & Critical Care in 2003.


Her leadership skills include owning her own business, managing two different hospital teams, and holding various board positions in several organizations. Her career has been vast as she has worked in a small general practice, private specialty medicine, federal government, and for a large corporate company. She has worked day shifts, weekends, holidays, and overnight emergency shifts and continues to pick up shifts in emergency hospitals.

Throughout her career, she has found key traits that bring teams together and toxic habits that divide them. Her real-world experience, combined with her honest leadership approach, provides practical tools that can help hospital teams and their leadership grow and strengthen.

Amy is well published in over 15 subjects, is an international speaker, has received numerous awards including two speaker of the year awards and is highly involved in her community.

Her newest adventures includes her first authored book "Oops, I Became a Manager" and her Veterinary Team Training company dedicated to the entire veterinary team.

And yes, that is her cat biting her finger.  

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