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Time to Lead Like a Unicorn

I partnered with VetFolio to bring a fun, informative leadership course. It's based on my first book "Oops, I Became a Manager" and of course, there are unicorns sprinkled throughout.

This course is for EVERY veterinary leader or individuals thinking of taking on a leadership role. 

This course reviews:

  • Structure your hospital

    • Do you even have structure?

  • Identify leaders in your hospital to fill managerial/supervisory roles

    • Are you just promoting based on seniority?​

  • Develop career paths for the team

    • Struggling with a green team? Let's educate!​

  • Create a new employee orientation program

    • Once you get a new employee let's make sure you keep them!​

  • Reduce gossip and create positivity

    • Who does want or need that?​

  • Establish the key factors needed to have a great team

    • Coach teams instead of putting out fires​

  • Help underperforming team members

    • Turn them around to great performers

Need the Books that Compliment the Course?

Oops, I Became a Manager

The reality is most veterinary hospitals are poorly organized and lack the processes to make the teams successful. 

This is the foundational book all hospitals leaders need to read. This book compliments the Lead Like a Unicorn course and provides additional information and resources.

Oops, My Team is Toxic

This book is for teams struggling with negativity, gossip, and toxicity. It's for individuals and leaders.

This book dives into culture, communication skills and building teams that trust and respect each other.

Complete with step-by-step instructions to improve communication within a team.

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