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Why Unicorns?

Most hear the word unicorn and think of the mythical creature who has the body of a horse, long flowing tail and a single horn from the middle of its head.


However, the word has evolved. Dictionaries also now define it as something rare and remarkable. It is something that is highly desirable, but it's difficult to obtain.  


What do you want your hospital team to be? 

Most want their teams to be happy, respectful, productive, highly skilled and for the team to all get along. How about a team with no drama or gossip? Sound unobtainable? It's not. That's what a unicorn team is.

We have skills and tools that you can apply in your hospitals, which will make the unicorns appear or at least peek around the corner. The unicorns are there. I've seen them in several hospitals. Let's find unicorns for your hospital teams. 

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