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Looking for a Great Read?

Amy's Recommended Reading List for Leaders: Now & Aspiring

(Click on the images of the books to be taken to Amazon)

Of course this is the first book I recommend!! 

You are not going to find another leadership book that 

has a unicorn on the cover. 

Radical Candor: If you want better communication skills this is the  book for you


No Rules Rule: Just a great "this makes sense of how to

run a business" leadership book 

Dare to Lead: It's Brene' Brown!  Just read it!

Leaders Eat Last:  Um, hello, it's Simon Sinek. Just read it!

Laws of Leadership: Anything by John C. Maxwell is a

 great read, but this one is one of his best

Minority Leader:  Stacey Abrams knocks it out of the park with this practical book full of takeaways

Primal Leadership: Daniel Goleman is a leader

 in emotional intelligence

The Leadership Challenge:  This is a great book that focuses on the big picture items

Crucial Conversations: A great book to help with difficult conversations

Strengths Based Leadership:  This book is full of data from Gallup which has performed some of the most influential studies in the industry on leading people.

The Art of Veterinary Practice Manager:  This book is full practice management information, but lacks how to develop team culture. It's considered a bible for anyone managing a practice along like "Oops, I Became a Manager" is for developing the culture of a team.

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