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Need Help in Your Hospital?

Hire Amy!
(It's more affordable than you think)

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Creating a Unified Team

There are a lot of options to help your team become more unified!

Amy Can:

Zoom in and provide a standard one hour webinar which can be RACE approved for your team.


Zoom in to provide a min workshop on communication


Come in-person for half or full day workshops, team development, communication, etc.

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Creating Better Leaders

Oops, I became a manager. I get it because I've been there.

Need a coach to bounce ideas off of?

Want more skills on communication, coaching teams, performance development, career paths, etc? 


Amy has a master's in management and leadership and can help you develop your own leadership skills


Smart Dog

Creating Smarter Teams

Want to hire Amy for your in-hospital conference or have her zoom in to lecture on CPR privately to your team?

Amy would be happy to provide a private education for your team on a variety of medical topics!

As an award winning international speaker, Amy will make sure the education for your team is fun and engaging!


  • Assessing Hospital Needs: $0 (30 min free consult)

    • What does your hospital need? Let's chat

  • 1:1 Coaching: $150/hr ($75/30 min)

    • Coaching sessions are between Amy and 1-2 people

    • Sessions can be every week, every other, once a month, up to you

    • Troubleshoot concerns of your team, pick my brain about leadership issues, let me challenge you to develop your leadership skills

    • I provide tools/resources when available

  • Zoom Education/Team Development: $400/hr

    • I can zoom in to educate on venous access, have a meeting on best team practices,  talk about CPR, or much more

    • Hold a 2-3 hour communication workshop with your team while I facilitate over zoom

    • Want it RACE approved? I can make that happen! RACE charges a $200 fee.

  • In-Person: I come to you!

    • Travel expenses + daily rate of $2750/day

      • Some companies will sponsor travel +/- daily fee for some hospitals

      • Want to hold an in-hospital conference? I'm happy to be your speaker!

      • Need an in-depth day of leadership training for your leaders? I can do that.

      • Want to bring your team closer together and develop their communication skills! We'll have a fun day of educating on all things communication.

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