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It's What We Do

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Creating a Unified Team

Veterinary medicine is hard enough without the threat of gossip, bullying and negativity. Teams want to work in a happy workplace environment. Often they are blind to the fact that they are doing the very things they say they don't want in their workplace. Veterinary Team Training has tools and resources to bring teams together, develop healthy communication and become more unified.

Image by sydney Rae

Creating Better Leaders

Oops, I became a manager. This statement likely pertains to many veterinary managers, supervisors and leaders. Many leaders were just thrown into the role without any guidance. Being a leader is like being a coach. Veterinary Team Training can help you develop skills needed to coach the veterinary hospital team to being happier, healthier and more productive.

Smart Dog

Creating Smarter Teams

Want to create a true training program for your team? Veterinary Team Training can help your hospital develop a training program and career paths for the team. Amy has created programs for both small and large veterinary companies.


Veterinary Team Training has Amy Newfield who is VTS in emergency and critical care. Can she teach your team medical skills and knowledge? You bet! Amy has been having fun educating teams since 2006.

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