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  • Each course will have a limited number of spots available. If you cannot attend live, please do not register. The number of registrants will be clearly listed. With limited spots comes disappointment for some. If the course is very popular it may be repeated at a future date. If not, as a subscriber, I will do my best to have a recording for you to watch where you can still get RACE credits (if available).

  • Most courses will be recorded and available to subscribers the next day. If the course has breakout rooms (where participants go into different rooms to learn), they cannot be recorded.

  • Most courses will be RACE approved. They will be clearly marked. There will be a few that will not RACE approved, but that doesn't mean they aren't great learning opportunities. The few courses that will not be RACE approved are because it's not the correct length or structure per RACE requirements. It will still be awesome amazing education, but without the RACE credit.

  • Do NOT share the registration link! Each person who registers will be verified prior to the course. These courses are for subscribers only. While your best friend is amazing, if they aren't a subscriber they cannot attend.

  • These courses are interactive. This means you will be able to unmute yourself, have your camera active, and speak to the instructor and others. Come prepared to interact, not just listening mindlessly in the background.

  • Please be patient. This is the first time courses like these are being delivered in this manner. I don't know what happens when a lot of people start talking at once, or more than a few people have their cameras on. What I know is it'll be fun, but I ask for patience as I launch these first few courses. You get to watch all the fun and possible glitches that occur.

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