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Creating Better Leaders


Image by NeONBRAND

Oops, did you become a manager and not even know it? Many veterinary leaders were just thrown into the position.

Never fear!

Let's set up a 30 minute conversation to figure out how to help you!

Image by Toa Heftiba

We are in the business of helping you, the leader. We know you are busy and we know each leader has different needs.  We offer:

  • Phone consultations

  • Video consultations

  • In-Person meetings

  • Mentor-A-Leader packages


The best leaders are coaches. They don't smother their team. They give them a position on the field and allow them the autonomy to play.

Let's develop your coaching skills:

  • Hospital organizational structure

  • Setting them up for success

  • Team meetings

  • Communication skills

  • Conflict resolution

  • Debriefing stress

  • Reframing negativity

  • Team builders

  • Learning to trust

  • The art of delegation

  • Developing healthy and happy teams

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