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Help For Your Team

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We Can't Help You if the Leadership Isn't Ready For Help

All too often hospitals have teams that are toxic, negative, unorganized, burnt out and gossiping too much. We are here to help reshape teams, bring in positivity, reduce burn out and build stronger happier teams. This only happens if we have support from leadership, the entire leadership. In order for us to be effective the entire leadership team must be ready for change, be open-minded and have the willingness to engage solutions. If we are turned down on every suggestion, nothing changes. We know hospitals are unique! We don't come in with a "one size fits all" recipe. We will work hard  will to find solutions that works best for your help. Most importantly, leadership should be prepared to have fun and find unicorns!


of the Team

Let's have a conversation about the team and goals.  Every team is different so we want to take the best approach for yours. We will talk expectations and establish your top priorities.

We will start with a 30 minute introductory call to determine the best options for your hospital. 

Options to Help the Team

After our conversation there are many options for your hospital including:

  • Phone consultations

  • Video consultations

  • Quick In-Person Consult: 1-3 day In-Person Consultation

  • Intensive In-Person Consult:  4-5 day long consultation with some follow-ups

  • Immersive In-Person: This option includes intensive visits with the team, homework and follow-ups for an extended period of time


  • Mentoring: We help develop programs and initiatives for you, with us as a guide through email and call consultations.

In Clinic Options

If in-person consultations is best we can provide:

  • Team Member Assessments

  • Team builders

  • Design a supportive and healthy culture

  • Utilize resources to create more positivity

  • Create better engagement

  • Develop career paths

  • Develop training programs

What We Don't Do

We are in the business of building teams. Our focus is not on revenue or processes. We believe there is a direct correlation. Happier teams = Less Turnover = Increase Revenue

We may hear complaints from your teams from salary to schedule. We will notify you of common themes, but we are not there to fix them.  Instead we will point a light towards the area of concern.

We are proud to keep our focus on teams. We will notify leadership of areas the teams may want to see changed, but we are not there to undermine you. 

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